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TITAN is our range of simple to use but powerful Witness Cameras. Developed from years of research, assembled from Fleet Managers across the UK, our cost-effective and robust design meets the needs and requirements of a fully operational fleet.

TITAN is our range of simple to use but powerful Witness Cameras. Developed from years of research, assembled from Fleet Managers across the UK, Our Witness Cameras, embedded with unique applications and telematics software are perfect for monitoring driver behaviour.

As a live black box fleet management solution, ZEUS’s advanced innovative technology provides an efficient fleet management solution.

Why Choose Our Fleet Management Tracking Systems


Bespoke Solutions

We understand that every customer is unique, therefore in addition to our standard products, our expert team will use their advanced technical knowledge to create a bespoke solution that will meet your exact requirements, and provide you with the necessary support and training.


Live Streaming

Our live streaming feature means you can track vehicle location, monitor driver behaviour and check road conditions in real time. 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week video surveillance is available upon request.


Accident/Event Retention

All our TITAN Cameras come with inbuilt G-Sensors specifically designed to help you capture the unexpected. They can even be programmed to predetermine event capture giving you additional control.


Software Encryption

An exclusive benefit of our TITAN range is that all data collected can be encrypted and then delivered directly to your desktop without the need for installation or download. Designated users can then view, transfer and delete footage if necessary, giving you ultimate control.


Driver Analysis

Our Witness Cameras, embedded with G Sensors, along with GPS can identify specific driving behaviour. You can configure the sensors by adjusting the sensitivity to match the type of vehicle and the road conditions, to produce an accurate account of events and driving behaviour.


Optimal Visuals

Our Extra Wide Camera Lens with angles ranging from 145⁰ to 165⁰ allows optimal end to end visual capture of quality recording at 1080p at 30fps, which is perfect for larger vehicles.


Our bespoke solutions are used within various industries, please contact us if you do not see your industry listed.

  • Fleet Operators

    Fleet Operators

  • Insurance Companies

    Insurance Companies

  • Public Sector

    Public Sector

  • Vehicle Leasing

    Vehicle Leasing


VIRTUS® FLEET provide end to end fleet management solutions, including the design, manufacturing, retail, and distribution of the latest cutting edge vehicle technology.

We are committed to improving driving behaviour standards, and to date, have invested £1 Million into the research and development of fleet management devices. View our range of commercial dash cams.

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