Why Your Business Needs GPS Tracking for It’s Fleet

  • Why Your Business Needs GPS Tracking for It’s Fleet

    Why Your Business Needs GPS Tracking for It’s Fleet

    It can be tough to keep your fleet of business vehicles running smoothly. You have to make sure the drivers are trained and that all repairs and maintenance are carried out on time. These are things you have control over, but when your fleet is on the move, you have far less control.
    You can remedy that using GPS tracking. This technology provides a number of benefits to the driver and business owner, and it can make your business even more successful. Here are a few ways GPS tracking for fleet vehicles helps your business.

    1. Make drivers more productive

    You don’t always know if your drivers are being as productive as they can be, and with GPS tracking on board, you don’t have to wonder anymore. When employees understand that their actions are being monitored in some way, then they tend to be more productive. You can find out exactly where they are and find out if they are on the correct routes or if they are taking breaks they don’t need to be taking. It could be that your driver is doing a fantastic job already, but when you put GPS tracking in the mix, then you know for sure.

    2. Greater safety for drivers

    Your drivers may want to break some of the rules or even skirt the law to get a delivery in on time. They may go over the speed limit and end up injuring themselves and damaging the vehicle, which can lead to serious setbacks and a loss of profits and productivity for your business.

    GPS tracking lets you monitor the way your drivers operate, clueing you in on their habits and notifying you of erratic behaviour. This helps for better communication and increased safety for the drivers. It also makes things safer for others on the road, reducing traffic collisions, eliminating lawsuits and protecting innocent lives.

    3. Know when vehicles are being used illegally

    While you may have every confidence in your drivers, you may not know if they are using your fleet vehicles when they are off the clock. There can be serious consequences for your business stemming from this kind of behaviour.
    The GPS tracking system can alert you to unauthorized use of the vehicles and let you know when the vehicles have gone off course. This discourages drivers from using the vehicles for something other than their intended purpose, such as for personal errands.

    4. Find vehicles that have been stolen

    Theft is a problem at most businesses, and some vehicles are more prone to be stolen than others. The safety features your vehicles have in place already may not be enough to deter or stop thieves.

    GPS tracking, however, can be used to find stolen vehicles and notify the police of their location so that they can be safely and quickly returned. This can come in very useful if your vehicles are expensive or if they carry expensive assets.

    5. Validation of timecards

    Do you know when your drivers are clocking out and in and if they are really working all that time? You can find out by using a GPS tracking system and monitoring their movements.

    When you know exactly what time they start working and finish, you can determine if you are spending too much on wages and if your drivers are being honest with you and your company. Your drivers may begin to work harder when they know they are being supervised, and you’ll also know if they are spending too much time on the road. The tracking system can save you a lot of money by keeping track of these simple bits of information for you.

    6. Greater profits

    If you are better able to track the day-to-day operations of your business, then you can make better preparations. You can add on more jobs for your people to do and enjoy greater profits.

    With GPS tracking helping you out, you may be able increase your workload by as much as 25%. It can cost money to fix up each and every vehicle with the technology, but it can easily be worth it for the increased profits you will be raking in.

    7. Cut labour costs

    GPS fleet tracking gives you a lot of options and a number of tools to work with. You will be better able to monitor your drivers and analyse their behaviours. You can also make your vehicles’ trips more efficient and reduce or eliminate some unwanted driver behaviour. You can even cut back on how much you are paying out for labour each month.

    There was a study that Motorola conducted on a number of companies who were using GPS tracking technology in their fleet vehicles. The study showed that the companies saved, on average, £3,200 for each employee. The initial cost may be high, but it is definitely worth it in the long run.

    8. Less money spent on fuel

    The same study showed that fuel costs went down significantly as well. In fact, this was shown to be the largest benefit for companies installing GPS technology in their vehicles.

    When the drivers used smarter routes, they saved fuel and saved their companies more than £30,000 in fuel costs. This could easily pay for the cost of GPS installation on its own before too long.

    9. Improved environmental impact

    A lot of what GPS tracking does for a company also manages to help out the environment. Taking excessively long routes increases harmful emission from fleet vehicles. Drivers who tend be on time with their delivers and not dally also spend less time idling and have better driving habits overall. GPS tracking also tells you when vehicles need to have some maintenance done, which makes them run more efficiently and cleaner.

    According to one GPS company, their customers were saving about 7 million gallons of fuel annually with the installation of its systems. That adds up to about 24 thousand tonnes of greenhouse gases not being released into the air.

    10. Better customer service

    More than business owners benefit from GPS tracing. Customers can also enjoy some advantages when companies start implementing GPS technology. Many courier companies have already implemented GPS tracing to notify customers of when a package is on its way and when it will be delivered. The same technology can be used to track an electrician or cable repair person or to find the closest taxi driver. There are a ton of different ways this technology can be used to provide better service for customers.

    11. Longer vehicle life

    Your vehicles are a serious investment, and you want their lifespan to be as long as possible. Through GPS tracking, you can make them last longer and ensure they are down for far less time by using remote diagnostics tools and alerts for when the vehicle needs to be worked on. You can take care of problems before they become a serious issue, which greatly extends your vehicle’s life.

    12. Lower insurance costs

    If your drivers practice better driving behaviour and suffer fewer accidents, your insurance premiums are likely to go down. Being able to recover stolen vehicles can lower your insurance costs as well. Tell your insurance company that you have put GPS tracing on your vehicles and be prepared to show them improved driver safety records to help your case. You may be able to get lower premiums on car insurance as a result.

    13. Better invoicing

    It can be time-consuming to perform invoicing, and because it takes so long, it is easy to make some simple mistakes. However, using GPS tracking, you can sort out the invoicing problems quickly and ensure that everything is on track and where it needs to be.

    You can find out how long trips tend to take and determine when deliveries were made. This can also be used to resolve customer disputes, if they arise.

    14. Manage your money better

    You can enjoy a number of financial benefits from using GPS tracking in your vehicles, far beyond better fuel efficiency and lower employee costs. You will be better able to forecast deliveries and profits as well as how much work you will be able to handle. You can also take on jobs you could not before and manage your finances better with all the new information the GPS tracing provides.

    In conclusion, GPS fleet tracking is invaluable to many companies. It can come with a high initial cost, but this is something that pays for itself very quickly.
    If you are looking to improve the way your drivers operate, make things safer for your business, save some money or just enjoy greater profits, you can do it all with GPS tracking. There are more advantages to this technology than just what we have already mentioned, and any company would do well to consider those rewards. Think about implementing GOS tracing in your fleet vehicles as soon as possible.

    Contact Virtus Fleet today and let us show you how we can improve your fleet management.

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