As a live black box fleet management solution, ZEUS’s advanced innovative technology provides an efficient fleet management solution. In fleet management, data captured solely from a GPS tracking device is no longer sufficient to accurately deduce live situations making it difficult for Controllers to obtain precise evidence and data.

To solve this issue, we combined our cumulative experience and understanding of user requirements and developed a product which provides our users with a high end but cost effective fleet management solution. One of ZEUS’s unique features allows for REAL-TIME EVENT UPLOAD and LIVE STREAMING VIDEO, along with providing real-time telematic statistics including speed, location & live visuals.

Key Features

  • Live Streaming

    Live Streaming

  • Automatic Event Upload

    Automatic Event Upload

  • Vehicle Tracking

    Vehicle Tracking

  • SD Card Data Retrieval

    SD Card Data Retrieval

  • Driving Analysis

    Driving Analysis

  • Geofence


  • Voice Call Function

    Voice Call Function

  • Remote Configuration

    Remote Configuration


Channel 2CH
Chipset Allwinner A20
Video Image Sensor PO3100K (Pixelplus)
Resolution HD (1280x720)
Frame rate 15FPS
Normal Cam View Angle Approx. 140° (Diagonal)
IR Cam View Angle Approx. 162° (Diagonal)
File Format AVI
Encording H.264 (AVI/PCM)
Video Size 10 MB (10 seconds)
Camera Cable Type SMB
Length MAX. 14m
Storage Type Dual Micro SD Card
  Max. 128GB (64GB X 2 Slots)
Locker Key Type
Network Type LTE / 3G
Frequancy 800 ~ 2,600MHz
Antenna Dual External Helical Antenna
Data consumption Image 40Kbyte
Uploading Video 10Mbyte (10 Seconds)
Live Streaming 3Mbyte (1 Min)
GPS Type Internal A-GPS
Speed 1Hz / 9,600 bps
Data Transmission Bluetooth 4.0
Sensor G Sensor 3 Axis Accelerometer
Tamper Sensor 2 Tamper Sensors
MIC Internal / External
Speaker Internal / External
Indicator 3 Status Indication LEDs
Battery 2,000mAh Li-ion Battery
Size & Weight mm x mm x mm/ 205.6g
Operation Temperature -20 ~ +75°C
Voltage DC 12V~24V
Certification (in process) CE, FCC, E-mark

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