3 Reasons Car Accidents Increase In The Lead Up To Christmas

There’s no denying that the Christmas season is one of the most exciting times of the year. People are busy buying gifts, preparing feasts and organising xmas parties. However, there are times when Christmas is not really joyful for some people. The reason is simple, more car crashes occur in the run-up to Christmas than at any other time with December 23rd and 24th being the deadliest days of the year on the roads. Statistics show that drivers have up to 4 times more chance to be involved in a car accident during the Christmas season compared to other periods of the year.

To protect yourself, your loved ones and others from being involved in road accidents during this festive period, it’s worth examining the reasons that lead to these types of accidents during the Christmas season so we have made a short list containing the most common reasons for incidents involving vehicles on the road:

Increased number of vehicles on the roads

Whether you are visiting family and friends, going Christmas shopping or going away on a break going, they all require travel. The combination of bad weather and having somewhere to be encourages people to take to the roads in their own vehicles. There are significantly more vehicles on the roads throughout the UK during the Christmas period. This is another reason why the chances of car accidents are increased significantly. An increase in traffic means an increase in road traffic accidents.

Alcohol-impaired driving

If we take a close look at the statistics, there is one indicator that is involved in most of the car accidents during this holiday. Namely, it turns out that four out of ten fatalities over this period relates to car accidents that include at least one drunk driver. During the festive season, people are more inclined to want to relax and celebrate, which usually involves alcohol. Even though the vast majority of drivers know that they should not drink and drive, some believe that having a few drinks won’t affect their driving abilities and will cause no harm, especially if they’re not caught. To avoid this problem, you should always make a plan about who will be driving after a particular celebration. And of course, you can also call a cab or use public transport.


The festive season can be quite stressful for some people because they have to balance their work, think about Christmas shopping, and get ready for family visits etc. Stress can make drivers reckless and this is why some accidents occur. Try to be more organized and find a way to get relaxed before starting a journey.

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