7 Step Plan for Road Accidents

No matter how big or small your company, and no matter how many company vehicles you have on the road, it is beneficial to have a motor vehicle accident plan in place. This plan will help guide your mobile employees when an accident occurs, ensuring they act in the best interests of your business and follow all legal requirements.

We’ve outlined 7 critical steps below

Stop Immediately!

While taking steps to avoid another accident, drivers should stop their vehicle to prevent further damage. Drivers should check for personal injuries and call for medical assistance immediately if needed. Drivers should not leave the scene of the accident; ask for assistance from a bystander if needed.

Do Not Argue

Your driver should avoid making any statements – written or oral – regarding who was at fault for the accident. Any such admission may damage your company’s ability to defend a case of legal liability. Allow the authorities to determine fault or liability based on the facts of the scene.

Record Names and Addresses

Your driver should collect the name and address of all witnesses and occupants of involved vehicles as well as each license plate number.

Exchange Insurance Information

Your driver should collect insurance information from all involved parties. You may want your driver to provide additional contact information for someone inside your company that is assigned to deal with such incidents.

Collect All Valuables and Confidential Information.

Your driver should collect all personal items as well as all business items/documents that are in the vehicle before leaving the vehicle. This may include company credit card, forms (completed and not), log books, keys, and any other property that may be easily stolen.

Immediately Report the Accident to the Company

You should provide a designated contact person for your drivers to inform about the accident. If that person is unavailable, the driver should have an office number to contact where a message can be left if it is after hours.

Verify Everything With Tracking
While you wait for your driver’s report on the incident, you can pull the vehicle’s information using your fleet management software. With Virtus’ software, you will have access to the vehicle’s location leading up to the accident, the vehicle’s speed, and reports of any improper driver behavior such as speeding and hard braking which may have contributed to the accident occurring. You can use your tracking data to validate your driver’s claims which will help you protect your business if the incident ends up in court.

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