Adding vision to your fleet

Gathering reliable and accurate data is a must for all Fleet Managers.  The equipment they choose must not only be cost effective, but as accurate and reliable as possible.  Dashcam systems are becoming a standard feature in fleet vehicles due to the valuable benefits they provide Fleet Managers.


  • Accident footage

No matter how safe or experienced your drivers are, accidents happen.  The version of events can sometimes become foggy and reliable eyewitness accounts of the accident are hard to obtain.  Proving where liability lies can sometimes be a long process. Accurate and clear camera footage can help clarify the situation and help resolve the claim.

  • In-cab footage

Cameras placed inside the cab serve not only to monitor driver behaviour but as a useful security tool.  Footage can be used to capture break-ins and give an impartial view of events if anything untoward arises.

  • Lower Insurance Costs

Some insurance companies can offer attractive discounts for vehicles with dash cameras installed.  Features such as tamperproof hardware and encrypted recording ensure Fleet Managers are getting a true picture of events, without any un-authorised editing.

  • Keeping track.

Knowing where your fleet vehicles are at any given time is a must for Fleet Managers.  Dashcam systems with built-in GPS can accurately keep track of vehicles in all situations.  Be it authorised or unauthorised use of vehicles, built in tracking features with live streaming recording, keep Fleet Managers up-to-date with all their vehicles’ movements.  

  • Secondary Camera

For additional safety and accountability, a secondary camera in or around the vehicle is beneficial to Fleet Managers.  Cameras placed either in the cab or externally, can provide valuable footage and in some cases, the fuller picture helps to prevent accidents.  A full and clear picture of events helps to give Fleet Managers a better understanding of the situation and can in some cases assist with Insurance claims or disputes.

If you would like any further information about how dashcams can assist your business, please do not hesitate to contact us at VIRTUS FLEET and DALTEC.

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