Benefits of Witness Cameras

The all-seeing Eye
The choice of dashcam system for your fleet is an important decision.  An accurate and reliable camera is vital, especially with the increase in false liability claims.  Fraudulent claims cost the insurance industry millions of pounds each year. This can have a direct impact on your premium.  Installing accurate and reliable systems can be a cost-effective approach to this problem.

Protection from Scams

Probably the best reason to have these is to keep yourself safe from false liability claims, such as crash-for-cash scams. The frequency of these claims is increasing weekly and involve third parties creating an accident to ensure an innocent party is blamed for the accident.   Installation of a dashcam which can offer not only forward-facing functionality but additional features such as a black box is a huge advantage. Reliable and accurate footage can provide valuable evidence in many insurance cases.

Providing Evidence for Claims

Reliable footage can be a big advantage when making a claim. Providing clear and reliable evidence can speed up the claim process in some cases.  A single forward-facing camera is not just the only angle which can be covered. Using a secondary camera internally, externally and even at the side or reverse of the vehicle gives a fuller picture of events.

Lower Premiums

Many accidents will raise the cost of insurance for fleet owners, even if their employees were not to blame for the accident.  Providing clear images and data, which can be proven not to have been altered is a real plus to Fleet Managers. Not only for their own records but to assist with insurance claims. Live streaming is also a highly desirable feature for real-time monitoring.  Adding to this, a system with tracking functionality, driver behaviour analysis and a customisable black box, create the dream system for Fleet Managers. These features give systems added safety and accountability benefits and ensure a lot of useful data is collected.

Many top fleet insurers recognise the value of dashcam systems and often apply valuable discounts to companies with these systems installed on their vehicles.   

Improve Driver Accountability

The addition of dashcam systems in fleet vehicles ensures drivers are adhering to company policy and are operating in a safe and sensible manner.  The dashcam systems can encourage safer driving. You may have the footage, but can you be sure it has not been edited or deleted? Tamperproof features of some dashcam systems will eliminate this question and ensure ALL footage is recorded and available to Fleet Managers, a valuable feature when a clear and true recording of events is needed.

The advantages are clear.  What you need to ask yourself is can you afford not to install them? If you would like any further information about how dashcams can assist your business, please do not hesitate to contact us at VIRTUS FLEET.

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