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Frequently Asked Questions

Please read our FAQ before sending us a message.

No footage is being recorded

You will need to format the storage media when it is first connected to the DVR.Go to MENU>Maintenance>Disk manage>Format.

The time is wrong

Set the time by going to MENU>Basic>Time & Date

Camera is not working / says video loss

You need to change the camera settings.Go to MENU>Record>Mode and change the value to match the camera type being used

Note:if mixing camera qualities the higher grade cameras must be on the lower AV input number and in groups of 2.

For example – 2 x720p cameras and 2 x analogue on channels 3 & 4

How do I set the triggers?

After physically connecting the appropriate wires, head into MENU>Alarms.

From here you can select which channel to show on the monitor along with other features

My MDVR is not turning on

This usually happens because

a) the unit is not locked
b) Both B+ and ACC+ need to be connected even if you wish the MDVR to power off when the ignition is turned off

I can't see my camera footage or map online

You need to make sure that Flash Player & Javascript are enabled and can run without asking.

Please refer to your preffered browser’s help file for instructions on how to do this.

My vehicle is not showing on the map

Please make sure your GPS antenna is set away from electronic signals, magnets, heated windscreens, extreme temperatures and has a clear view of the sky.

Please note geographical area may affect the signal as well.