The Evolving Role of the Fleet Manager

With the fast pace of technological advancement, and the changing legal and regulatory landscape, the role of Fleet Manager is forever evolving. In today’s blog we explore what these changes mean for today’s fleet manager. 


With the gradual but distinct increase in legislation governing how fleets operate, the job of the fleet manager can become complicated. As well as ensuring all drivers have full and clean licenses and MOT’d, companies are liable for significant sanctions. Today organisations must look carefully at their policies, systems and technology to ensure compliance. Ensuring processes for vehicle safety checks are up to date and adhered to, and tracking driver hours and using the latest technology to optimise drive behaviour is vital.

Going Green

Sustainability is now an essential ingredient for a company’s long-term success and finding ways to operate fleets in as eco-friendly a way as possibly is a must! Customers often see a company’s attitude to the environment as an important factor when making a decision about a purchase. When purchasing new vehicles and considering new technology, a fleet manager must take green considerations into mind. Low-emission, efficient, low-emission vehicles can lower the company’s car tax and maintenance bill and will make it easier for drivers to drive in an environmentally-friendly way.


technology is changing faster than ever and recent developments in fleet management technology in particular are potentially transformative. There are now ways of monitoring and controlling business fleets that were unimaginable a decade ago. The vast amount of data available through telematics means fleet managers can have a huge amount of control over the performance of their fleets – vehicle driver behaviour, precise locations and schedules can be managed dynamically. Driver routes can be selected to maximise efficiency and exact mileage and driving hours recorded automatically.

A modern fleet manager needs to get to grips with the latest technology available and see it as a huge opportunity. If you’d like to know more about how our technology can help you manage the challenges facing you today get in touch to find out about our range of state-of-the-art telematics products.

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