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Dashcam systems are an extremely useful tool for the Fleet Managers of today. 

The goal of any fleet management system is to improve efficiency, lower costs and improve safety.  Dashcam systems assist in reaching this goal by accurately recording critical events in an efficient and effective manner.  When needed, the footage can be reviewed by any authorised party.  If an incident were to happen, the Fleet Manager would be assured of clear and accurate footage being available to assist with any insurance claim or employee disagreement.

Keeping your fleet moving, no matter the size, is of paramount importance to all Fleet Managers.  Doing this efficiently and effectively is why Fleet Managers are choosing multi-functioning dashcam systems.

Every hour a vehicle is out of action due to malicious damage or an accident, this costs the company valuable revenue.  Installing reliable and accurate dashcam systems in vehicles allows Fleet Managers to capture clear footage. This can then be used to assist with insurance claims and get the issue resolved as quickly as possible.  Getting the vehicle back on the road and earning again.

Systems which offer extra features, such as sound recording, can be a real asset to any Fleet Manager.  Cameras fitted inside the vehicle are a very useful when it comes to monitoring driver behaviour, but with the addition of sound, the images take on a whole new dimension.  Cameras with a high sensitivity microphone can pick up key details which may enhance footage and give a situation a whole new perspective.

Installing these systems may have their benefits, but a clear policy and procedure needs to be in place to ensure the rights of the employee are met.  Strict guidelines need to be adhered too and clear signage installed, indicating the use of recording equipment.  Training manuals should also reference where and why the camera systems are used and set out clear guidelines on the information which is collected and how it is stored.

Protecting assets and ensuring your fleet is running as effectively and efficiently as possible is key.  The addition of dashcam systems needs to be carefully implemented to get the full benefits to both Fleet Manager and employee.

If you would like any further information about how dashcams can assist your business, please do not hesitate to contact us at VIRTUS FLEET.

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