What Fleet Tracking Systems Are Best?

Choosing a tracking system for your fleet management needs may seem like a daunting prospect but it really doesn’t need to be. To simplify things, you can break things down a little and ask yourself three questions:

  1. What kind of data do you want to capture for your vehicles and drivers?
  2. How many vehicles in your fleet?
  3. What size budget do you have – include upfront and monthly costs

Answering these three simple questions are really going to narrow down your options and make things easier. That said, there are a lot of products on the market today that will seemingly fit the bill, so how do you choose then? It’s still pretty straightforward, once you know what to look for; let’s start from the top.

Fleet tracking software & hardware

Fleet GPS tracking software allows the vehicle and driver to be tracked from just about anywhere. The software can be used to ascertain whether the vehicle is being driven safely and along optimal routes – both of these things can then be discussed later, helping to find the best routes to a given destination (navigation solutions such as Google Maps are not always that accurate) and thus trim down driving times and cut fuel consumption.

Of course, the software can’t do anything on its own – its needs to be installed onto something. GPS hardware, together with GPS tracking software, use satellites to keep a track of vehicles and their drivers in real time. Data is sent straight from the vehicle to the operator, and this data can be recorded and viewed again at any time.

Benefits and features

Fleet tracking equipment (hardware and software) are designed to help you locate your vehicles, determine optimal routes and give detailed directions based on those routes and the driver destination. These are basic functions and the best fleet management tools can offer so much more.

Take our range of products for instance:

Titan 1

The Titan 1 is in our range of easy to ‘set up and get started’ of Witness Cameras. After years of working closely with fleet managers from across the country, we have developed one of the best in class GPS fleet tracking devices on the market today.

Totally tamper proof, the Titan 1 a cost effective and completely secure solution for the tracking of fleets. Some of the outstanding features of the Titan 1 include:

  • Accident & Event Retention
  • Software Encryption
  • Encrypted Recordings
  • Wide Angle Camera Lens
  • Panic Button
  • Built in Battery Protector
  • Real Time Parking Modes
  • G Sensors

Titan II

Fully equipped with all of the features of its little brother, the Titan II has a couple of other tricks up its sleeve:

  • Reversing mode/ Monitor Trigger
  • 2nd Camera Input

The 2nd camera input allows for a 2nd camera to be placed on the rear of the vehicle, and a monitor where the driver can see. This helps to further improve road safety and also makes reverse parking much easier for larger vehicles.


The Zeus unit is the last word in fleet management solutions. Sometimes, data that is captured via GPS is not enough to correctly analyse situations as they are happening. Insufficient data can make a control room operator’s job much more difficult when it comes to data and evidence collation.

Combating the problem of insufficient data was the driving force behind developing the Zeus GPS tracking system. Key benefits of this solution include:

  • Live Streaming
  • Automatic Event Upload
  • Vehicle Tracking
  • SD Card Data Retrieval
  • Driving Analysis
  • Geofence
  • Voice Call Function
  • Remote Configuration

If your requirements call for more control that a purely GPS management system can provide, then the Zeus solution may well be what you have been looking for.

Choosing The GPS Solution For You

In addition to the three questions that you asked yourself at the top of this page, you should also be considering a few more – except these ones are attuned to your actual business needs, and whether you need a fleet management solution in the first place.

  • Are fuel costs cutting into your bottom line?
  • Do deliveries and journeys take longer than strictly necessary?
  • Are drivers logging working hours properly, or are you paying more wages than you should?
  • Are you taking a hit in your insurance premiums?
  • Can customer experience be improved?

If any of the above resonate, then you may well benefit from a fleet management software / hardware solution. Fleet trackers can provide solutions to all of the above problems and many more.

Perhaps it’s time to invest? Call us today on +44 (0)207 2222 100, or email us at info@virtusfleet.co.uk and let us know what we can do for you.

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